I just moved to this area and this is my first time posting a craigs list ad in personals section, just wanted to give it a shot and see what happens. I'm just looking for new friends and people to hang out with. And it's not true I "Just want to have sex."! I want to be loved, held, and hold hands, if we do have sex then all the better!  If something more develops who knows, but getting to that point is half the fun. I always find it hard to write about my self so I will keep it simple and to the basic bullet points, and try and write from the heart. 

I'm always looking for opportunities and look forward what the future brings. I tend to live life one step at a time and in the moment and tend to do things on a whim ("plans are useless, planning is indispensable"), but at the same time I do have a dream and plan were I want to be in life. I'm a confident person but also aware of my shortcomings even though sometimes I'm not immediately aware of them. I can admit when I'm wrong and I'm a very "kick back"/"laid back" kind of guy and prefer small social settings with family and friends, in other words I like going out to the clubs and bars every once in awhile just not an every weekend type of thing. I'm kind of shy at first when in large groups of strangers but warm up after awhile. 

I live on the river and in general love to do anything around water (I'm a cancer); cruising around, jet ski, swim, dive etc.. I like nice things in life and work hard to achieve them. I currently work in the Information Technology field, and some would call me a geek, but I have a life after work. I don't have any kids and never been married or found my soul mate yet. 

What I'm looking for in relationship? A person who is also my best friend and able to COMMUNICATE with me, one sided conversations/lecturing/know it all's will turn me off quick. I try and take care of my body and I'm in pretty good shape, I respect people who take pride in their appearance, I would expect the same in my significant other. I can be very romantic when I know the person recognizes it and is receptive of it and able to give it back. But if I'm the only person making an effort I will give up. 

Anyways that's the basics down, a little about me so to speak, more pictures/myspace upon request. Soooo how about you?